Custom Pet Information

Everything you need to know about having your pet immortalized in clay!

**All custom work begins at $85 unless previously discussed. I spend a lot of time on my custom work and have high expectations of the final product. This base line cost includes, emails discussing the piece with you, sculpting, painting and firing twice. I know miniatures are small, but they take me many hours to create.

How it works:

Email me at if you are interested in a custom pet figurine.

Your email should include:

  • Up to 10 pictures of your pet from various angles.
  • An idea of how you would like your pet positioned (sitting, lying down, etc.)
  • Any characteristics that are important to you (one floppy ear, different colored eyes, a defining mark, etc.)
  • Their name
  • Any special requests (their favorite toy, dog bed, etc.)

I will email you back with any questions and a price. If you would like to move forward, I will create you a listing on my website where you will pay in advance for your miniature.

Once I receive your payment I will begin working on your pet! You will receive two updates and have two chances to make any adjustments before the piece is fired. Adjustments usually include, different position, fluffier, tweaking dimensions, etc.

Please allow me two months to complete your order. Each piece is hand sculpted, painted and fired twice. I want to make sure I do justice to your pets, so I take extra time with these pieces, and I often make two of them in case one of them doesn't turn out.